A few updates

I’ve added details of a few reports to the website, including reports for the African Development Bank (AfDB) on (i) climate change, agriculture and natural resources, and (ii) climate change, energy and transport; a 2011 report for UNDP on climate change and migration (prepared with Alex Winkels); reports of the Pilot Programme on Climate Resilience (PPCR) Expert Group on country selection for participation in the PPCR.

You can download the UNDP migration report from this website. Links are provided to the PPCR website, from which can download the PPCR reports and other PPCR documentation. If you’re interested in seeing the AfDB reports let me know and I’ll ask AfDB and International Development UEA (who managed this contract) whether this is possible.

About Nick Brooks

Nick Brooks is a climate change specialist with a background in climate science. Nick currently works as an independent consultant, focusing on climate change and international development, climate risk assessment and adaptation. He also conducts research into past climatic changes and their impacts on human societies, focusing on the Middle Holocene and the northern hemisphere sub-tropical arid belt, and the Sahara in particular. Nick is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia, and a co-director of the Western Sahara Project. Nick holds a degree in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh, and a PhD in climatology from the University of East Anglia.
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